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Fat Burner


Key Features



Fat burning is a complicated process that is based on more than just going for a run and eating salad every day. An intricate relationship between metabolism, appetite control, and thermogenesis in the body is required to enhance your ability to shred body fat.

To truly reach optimum fat burning potential, supplementation is key. Achieving the same results through diet alone is an almost impossible task, which is why we have developed the Gun Club Fat Burner. Working alongside experts and professionals in biology, nutrition and physical sciences, we have sourced the most potent fat burning ingredients and put them together in the quantities that have been scientifically proven to give you the best results.

Our ingredients focus on three main aspects: metabolism, appetite, and thermogenesis. Stimulating metabolism is crucial for fat loss as the rate of conversion from nutrients to energy has a profound impact upon physical health, aesthetics and function. Related to this, appetite control will ensure that overeating, and the subsequent undoing of the positive biological processes involved in fat burning, does not occur. The final aspect the Gun Club Fat Burner is proven to impact upon is the promotion of thermogenesis. Fat oxidation and energy expenditure can both be increased when thermogenesis is stimulated. Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in the body. The more heat is allowed to convert into energy, the more fat can be burned and metabolic processes can promote muscle growth.


Let’s have a complete rundown of the ingredients that go into the Gun Club Fat Burner so you know exactly what it is that’s helping you shred the fat.

Green Tea Extract (Polyphenols) (450mg)
Green tea as a beverage is well known to aid in fat burning, but green tea in supplement form has even more potent fat burning effects. Polyphenols are responsible for the thermogenic fat-burning activity of green tea. Polyphenols, often known as catechins or flavanols, come in four main forms in green tea: epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epi-gallocatechin (EGC), and most potent of all, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

These catechins work by inhibiting catechol-O-methyltranferase, an enzyme that degrades noradrenlaline – the primary fat-burning hormone in the body. The abundance of catechins in green tea allows for elevation of noradrenaline (or norepinephrine), prolonging thermogenesis for a greater fat-burning effect.

Caffeine (375mg)
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and energizes the body for more effective workouts. Caffeine also increases your ability to shred fat by raising metabolism for a calorie burning boost, and by directly supporting lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) through improved release of fatty acids from adipose cells.

Combining caffeine with green tea extract further increases fat burning potential as caffeine induces higher levels of catecholamines, the noradrenaline boosting enzymes present in green tea. The increased levels of circulating noradrenaline from caffeine thus stimulate the breakdown of stored carbohydrates and fat. This synergistic relationship also inhibits production of phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that breaks down cAMP. This inhibition allows for further prolonging of fat burning activity.

L-Theanine (300mg)
The inclusion of L-Theanine neutralizes any jittery responses that are sometimes associated with caffeine, but without reducing the fat-burning potential or mind and body excitatory effects. One of the few substances that is capable of easily crossing the blood-brain barrier, L-theanine can subtly influence brain chemistry by altering levels of dopamine, serotonin and gamma-amine-butyric acid (GABA).

Overall cardiovascular health has also been shown to improve with supplementation of L-theanine, as it prevents lipid peroxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Peroxidation of lipids is considered to be a leading cause of atherosclerosis – the clogging of arteries – which L-theanine protects against.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (300mg)
L-tyrosine, of which N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT) is a more soluble form, is a building block of protein. NALT is also a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine and the adrenal hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine. As L-tyrosine is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormone, it plays an important role in controlling the metabolic rate of the body. NALT is more bioavailable than L-tyrosine and is there for more rapidly absorbed by the body, resulting in increased biological effects.

NALT exhibits an antioxidant effect that helps protect cell membranes from damaging free radicals. On top of this, NALT can heighten feelings of well-being and mental alertness, whilst offsetting fatigue (both mental and physical).

Ginger Root (90mg)
Ginger root has been shown to reduce hunger sensations and assist in controlling calorie intake and overall appetite. As well as this appetite control, when ginger root is taken alongside a meal it is able to increase expenditure of calories during the six hours following.

Ginger also has a positive effect on testosterone production. An increase in serum testosterone from ginger root has positive repercussions for weight loss, as fat burning potential is increased.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsimax) (60mg)
Capsaicinoids are the bioactive components in peppers that can stimulate secretion of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the sympathetic nervous system. Norepinephrine enhances activity of hormone sensitive lipase in white adipose tissue, resulting in the breakdown of fat into free fatty acids and glycerol. These are then metabolized by peripheral muscle tissues to promote thermogenesis. Energy expenditure is subsequently increased and metabolism improved, leading to fat loss.

Guarana Seed Extract (60mg)
Guarana extract is well known for its stimulatory properties and contains more caffeine than coffee beans. As well as caffeine, guarana contains theobromine and theophylline, both of which stimulate the central nervous system and boost athletic performance. Additionally, guarana seed extract increases heart rate and boosts metabolism. As such, guarana helps you reach peak performance and increases fat burning potential.

Black Pepper Extract (9mg)
Piperine, the substance that gives black pepper its pungency, has the ability to prevent the formation of new fat cells. The piperine also reduces fat levels within the bloodstream and has further antioxidant properties that are beneficial for endurance, metabolism and weight loss.

Zinc (15 mg)
Zinc is an essential mineral, and also one that is deficient in many. As well as being important for a whole host of bodily functions, like maintaining your immune system, zinc plays a vital role in raising the levels of both free and circulating testosterone, leading to an increased ability to shred fat. Zinc also allows for aromatase inhibition to reduce estrogen levels when supplementing as well, which is important for warding off body fat. Furthermore, the important role that zinc plays in protein synthesis makes it a vital component in strength building and muscle growth. Zinc has been found to contribute to improving metabolic rate and supporting fat loss, and its oxidative properties also aid in muscle recovery.

Vitamins (Assorted)
Also included in the Gun Club Testosterone Support are vitamins B1, B3 and B12 for extra energy and general health boosting effects. Vitamin B6 is also present for its ability to aid the body in absorption of zinc and magnesium, and to allow the muscles to access the stored glycogen in the body for fuelling your workouts.


Take 3 capsules on an empty stomach daily:

  • 1 capsule with morning meal
  • 1 capsule with afternoon meal
  • 1 capsule with evening meal

Stimulate metabolism, control appetite and increase thermogenesis.


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